undoingUndoing, by Jayce Hunter

Published December 15, 2014


Jayce Hunter presents a riveting glimpse into the all-too-real challenges of adoptive parents. When a happily married couple adopts twins, Dena and Deon, they learn just how challenging it can be to transform the lives of children who were previously abused and neglected. From physical, out-of-control breakdowns, to heartfelt tears of regret, the parents in Undoing battle to give their adopted twins the love-filled family they deserve.

Honest, raw, bold, and emotional, this story of an adoptive family explores what really happens behind closed doors.

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Dena jerked her arms and thrashed her body trying to get free as I held her from behind in a therapeutic hold. Her skinny arms were crossed in front of her body and I held her wrists over each of her shoulders—the best way to try to control a raging child. At least that’s what we had been told. But the reality was turning out to be more difficult than we ever expected.Rotating her head toward me, Dena spat at my face. This time her quick, frantic breaths and her angry exertions caused her to miss me. This time most of the spittle dribbled down her own chin, while I was still wearing her past, more successful, attempts. My whiskers and forehead, my shirt, and the inside of my left ear still had remnants of her spittle. The ear bothered me most. I kept trying to dab it with my polo by raising my left shoulder and rubbing it against my ear, while I kept my hold on Dena. It wasn’t working. The ear was aggravating and wet, provoking me to discomfort and a desire to fix it.“I’m going to kill you!” Dena’s voice was low and deep and menacing, much different than the light, soft, cajoling voice she would use when she was hoping to get something from us.

water-color-rosesWater Color Roses, by Jayce Hunter

Published January 12, 2015


Jayce Hunter delivers a compelling glimpse into a family drama that will capture your heart… and make your blood boil.

When Janelle Macron is diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, resulting in grueling rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and a double mastectomy, the last thing she thinks she’ll also lose is her family. Trapped between a vindictive ex-husband and their innocent precious little girl, Janelle faces an even greater challenge than breast cancer when the disease moves from breaking down her body to breaking apart her life.

Woven together on the surface of electrified emotional nerve, Water Color Roses does more than tell Janelle’s story – it puts you in her shoes.

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Janelle couldn’t believe her luck. A clean bill of health. For now at least. Thank you, God. She got in her ancient Corolla and prayed it would start. After a few reluctant noises that could mean absolutely anything to Janelle, it kicked in. Thank you, God, again.She looked at her phone and saw the text from Tom. “Be on time this time. 7:00 pm. Sharp.”Janelle wondered why he had to be such a prick.

As the daylight started to fade, typical Minnesota fall, Janelle drove to her Barre class. She wanted to get her strength back up after chemo, so she had to fit this in. Even though she also had a report to write for work tonight and would have Hannah back.

She shook her head, trying not to get overwhelmed. Turned up the volume on the radio listening to Usher’s More.

Yes, I want more, Janelle thought. I want to live this blessed wonderful life I’ve been granted. I’m so lucky.

As she tried to squeeze the “ring of fire” behind her leg and do hundreds of various lifts and hydrants without grimacing too much, Janelle wondered what Tom would be like tonight. She wished he could be nicer. Well, really, she wished they weren’t going through the divorce crap at all. And most importantly, she wished he would be reasonable about Hannah. He hardly ever used to watch Hannah, his daughter, for crying out loud, during her first few years. He was only trying to get half-custody to punish Janelle. For what, she wasn’t sure.
For getting cancer?
Switch legs. Thank goodness. The burning on her right leg eased, but she knew it would be replaced soon on her left side.

Janelle thought of the day she told Tom about her stage 3 breast cancer. It was like something shifted in his eyes immediately. Like he couldn’t stomach the idea of an imperfect wife in his life. Or the possibility of death.

The ring of fire popped out and landed on the floor with a soft thud. Janelle quickly put it back in place and continued. After they finished the leg sequence, they got into some planks. Evil teacher. Elle. She was new and killed them all. She heard Melanie, someone she met in class, moan. Janelle understood completely.