About Jayce Hunter

Jayce Hunter is a pseudonym for an American author based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Jayce is dedicated to telling stories with intense emotion and gritty truths, largely due to some of the gritty situations she has lived through herself. Domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug use, adoption of a child out of foster care, suicidal thoughts and attempt, survival of multiple cancers—all these situations have made Jayce uniquely poised to consider and try to depict the lives of those who suffer in some way.

Jayce also goes beyond her own direct experience, remaining open to messages from the cosmos—or in her beliefs, God. In response to such messages, Jayce has written of children who have lost a parent, whether to death or to prison; teenage prostitution; the loss of a limb; and living with Downs Syndrome, among other topics.

With a true passion for storytelling, Jayce offers immersion into other worlds, other circumstances, through the use of compelling character and plot. With raw prose, her stories often depict challenging situations where true character is born. Jayce tells the stories of those who sometimes find themselves on the fringe of the mainstream, or who may even be ostracized—critical stories to tell so people in such situations can see themselves in written words. Jayce aims for her stories to offer entertainment, growth, hope and inspiration to survive.

A Message from Jayce

In my relationship with God, and in my relationship with myself and others, I continually struggle to understand the lights and darks of this world. The joy and the shadows; the peace and the pain. Good and evil.

Sometimes I wonder if writing of horrid subjects, as I often do—child abuse, teen prostitution, murder—is using my talent, my God-given gifts, for evil, something I do not wish to do.

However, evil exists, whether one believes in the Evil (capital ‘E’) of devil or hell, or one believes in the evil (small ‘e’) of humankind’s selfish pursuits, or in anything combined or in between.

As I have reflected, I realize I write of these things in the hopes of enlightening or inspiring. I pray that by graphically depicting those things that are real and hideous for someone, somewhere, that I might in some small way build understanding in others, with acceptance. I also aim to give hope to those who hurt, in order that they might survive things that seem insurmountable.

So I offer these words that somehow tear at my heart, all in the pursuit of change and growth.

Jayce Hunter